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Szállítási díj 850Ft-tól, INGYENES SZÁLLÍTÁS 100.000 Ft felett, Minimum szállítás 1500.-tól
41.400 Ft

Hikvision K5 fedéleti kamera, 2160P/30FPS + 1080P

Elérhetőség: Szállítási idő 3-6nap
Gyártó: Hikvision

Hikvision K5 fedéleti kamera

A hosszú és rövidebb autózások során nélkülözhetetlen társa lesz a Hikvision dashcam K2.

A beépített G-Sensor érzékelő biztonságban tartja magát, mivel ütközéskor aktiválja a vészhelyzeti felvételt.

Parkoláskor is védelmet nyújt.

Szállítási díj: 850 Ft
41.400 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek



Protection while driving

You and your car will always be safe thanks to the Hikvision video recorder. Recording of any traffic incident is guaranteed by the possibility of supporting SD cards with a maximum memory of 128 GB and looping of recordings. When your vehicle is in a collision or strong vibrations, the built-in G-Sensor will allow emergency video recording. The camera will furthermore provide you with good quality video, as its front camera has a resolution of 1440P and the rear camera 1080P.


Easy to use

The 3-inch screen with a resolution of 854 × 480 that the car camera is equipped with is adjustable up, down, left and right at an angle of 15 degrees. This makes it easy for you to position the equipment accordingly. The mobile APP connection will enable you to view the video in real time, set the relevant parameters and play back the recorded footage or pictures.


Additional features

The Hikvision video recorder guarantees simple operation and easy installation. When switched on, it will start recording as soon as the engine is started. Communication with the device is facilitated by the built-in Wi-Fi module. In addition, you can operate it with 9 voice commands. These include: "open screen", "display before recording", "display after recording", "see all", "close screen", "video lock", "I want to take a picture", "open recording" and "close recording". This function makes using the camera even more convenient.


Protection when parking

Want to make sure your car is safe when you leave it in a parking lot? While parked, your support will be the Hikvision K5 video recorder, which has a parking monitoring function. Thanks to it, the equipment will record even though the engine is turned off. This option is supported for 12,24 and 48 hours. This mode is only available when connected with a power cable (not included)

Manufacturer Hikvision
Model K5
Front camera resolution 1440P
Rear camera resolution 1080P
Photo format JPEG
Memory SD card up to 128 GB memory.
Audio Microphone and speaker
Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Size 89 × 55 × 42 mm
Weight 110 g
Dedicated application HikDashcam


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