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Szállítási díj 850Ft-tól, INGYENES SZÁLLÍTÁS 100.000 Ft felett, Minimum szállítás 1500.-tól
27.990 Ft

DDPAI N1 menetrögzítő, Dual, 1296p@30fps +1080p

Elérhetőség: Szállítási idő 3-6nap
Gyártó: DDPAI

 DDPAI N1 menetrögzítő, Dual, 1296p@30fps +1080p

A DDPAI N1 Dual minden járművezető számára nélkülözhetetlen tartozék.

Nyugalmat biztosít, ütközés esetén pedig megcáfolhatatlan bizonyítékot szolgáltat.

Az eszköz egy elülső és hátsó kamerából áll, amelyek nagy felbontású videót rögzítenek (elöl 1296P@30fps, hátul 1080P@25fps).

A széles látószög azt jelenti, hogy sokkal többet tudnak megörökíteni.

Az N1 Dual intelligens járműfigyelő funkciót is kínál, amikor a jármű áll.

Szállítási díj: 850 Ft
27.990 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek



High-resolution recording

Thanks to the high resolution, you gain recordings in excellent quality. The 135° (front) and 125° (rear) field of view guarantees a wider angle of view in your recordings. So you can get an evidence recording of a car crash, in which you won't miss any detail from the incident.


Two recording modes

There are two video recording options at your disposal. The front camera in both captures what is happening in front of the vehicle. The rear camera has the ability to rotate 360°, so in mode one it captures everything that happens inside the vehicle, and in mode two it captures what happens behind it. This way you can not only record road conditions, but also keep an eye on the fresh driver of your vehicle or record interesting footage of your travels.


Clear night footage

The DDPAI N1 Dual video recorder uses NightVIS technology. As a result, images recorded at night are almost as vivid and clear as those created during the day. The front camera is equipped with 5 optical lenses with a wide F1.8 aperture. You can be sure that the camera will perform great at any time of the day or night!


Intelligent encoding

High-resolution videos don't have to take up a lot of storage space. The N1 Dual supports SD cards of up to 256 GB. The use of artificial intelligence has made it possible to develop efficient video encoding and decoding technology that saves video on the device in high resolution. At the same time, it takes up 30% less space, so you can store recordings for a longer period of time. The device is capable of storing videos with a total length of 28 hours.


Monitoring while stationary

Now you can rest easy. The video recorder supports 3 modes for monitoring your vehicle while parked, providing reliable protection in case of break-ins and other unwanted events. In Time Lapse mode, the device can record for up to 5 days, which is great when you are away from your vehicle for a longer period of time. Impact Detection mode activates on impact or collision and immediately takes a photo, then creates a 10/20- or 30-second recording. Loop Recording is a mode that overwrites new recordings instead of the oldest ones when the memory is insufficient (features available with additional wiring available for separate purchase).


No worries about the battery

The camera is equipped with an intelligent IPS power management system. As a result, it constantly monitors the voltage of the car battery and if it falls below a safe threshold, it automatically cuts power to the camera. What's more, you can keep track of it in real time using the dedicated DDPAI app.


Additional capabilities with the app

In the DDPAI app, you have access to more features. From it, you can adjust the recording resolution, collision sensitivity, and even preview the video in real time. You can also download recordings from the camera to your device, edit them and share them on social media.


Safe for your vehicle

The N1 Dual exhibits a long life and can withstand extreme temperatures (-20℃ - 70℃). This eliminates the risk of battery swelling, so leaving the video recorder in the car carries no risk. DDPAI provides a safety guarantee, which is confirmed by IATF16949 certification.


Thoughtful design

The device was designed with safety and convenience in mind. Accordingly, it is distinguished by its minimalist design, so that it does not obstruct the view or distract the driver while driving. What's more, it fits perfectly into the interior of the car. The design has been honored with a RED Dot Award and an iF Design Award.



  • Video recorder N1 Dual
  • Mounting base
  • Rear camera
  • Car charger
  • Front camera power adapter
  • Rear camera power adapter (5.5m)
  • Manual
  • 3M tape x 4
  • Electrostatic stickers x 2
Manufacturer DDPAI
Model N1 Dual
Video coding H.264/AI.265 (DDPAI encoding technology)
Front 1296P@30fps
Resolution Front: 1296P@30fps Rear: 1080P@25fps
Lens Front: 5 sets of optical lenses,FOV135°,F1.8 aperture Rear: 4 sets of optical lenses,FOV125°,F2.0 aperture
Storage Up to 256 GB on microSD card
G-Sensor Built-in 3-axis gyro sensor. The sensitivity of the emergency lock can be adjusted in the app
Wi-Fi Built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
USB Type-C


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