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Szállítási díj 850Ft-tól, INGYENES SZÁLLÍTÁS 100.000 Ft felett, Minimum szállítás 1500.-tól
32.200 Ft

Yunmai masszázspisztoly, masszírozó Mini YMFG-M352

Elérhetőség: Szállítási idő 3-6nap
Gyártó: Yunmai


Yunmai masszírozó Gun Mini YMFG-M352

Yunmai mini masszírozó Belefáradt a nyak- vagy hátfájdalmakba egy hosszú, asztali munkával töltött nap után?

Vagy talán jobb izomgyógyulást szeretne edzés után?

Próbálja ki a Yunmai Mini vezeték nélküli masszírozót, hogy ellazuljon, és elérje a kívánt eredményt.

A Magic Touch technológiával és 4 elérhető üzemmóddal könnyedén tested igényeihez igazíthatod a masszázs intenzitását, a hosszú élettartamú akkumulátor pedig akár 66 napig teszi lehetővé a készülék használatát egyetlen feltöltéssel. 3 cserélhető fejjel is jár.

Szállítási díj: 850 Ft
32.200 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek

Effective and safe massage

Give yourself an effective yet safe massage. The Yunmai Mini offers advanced Magic Touch technology, whereby it monitors the amount of pressure you apply and, with the help of lighting in a specific color, indicates whether you should decrease or increase it. The blue color indicates very weak pressure, which is recommended for the quadriceps, among other muscles. Blue and green signify weak to moderate pressure indicated for the leg and buttock muscles. Orange indicates a deep massage that is suitable for professional athletes. Red indicates that the pressure is too high.

4 speeds to choose from

Despite its small size, the massager is distinguished by its impressive percussion strength of up to 12kg. Thanks to this, it also reaches deep tissues. The device also allows you to choose from 4 speeds. 1000rpm is great for everyday use, 1600rpm allows you to warm up your muscles, and 2600rpm will facilitate their recovery after training. 3200rpm will give you a deep, relaxing massage. What's more, the technology used ensures that the device will automatically increase the speed when you press it harder, and decrease it when you press it weaker.

3 massage heads included

Adjust the massager to your needs. It comes with 3 interchangeable heads that are pleasant to the touch, reduce pressure and provide comfort. The U-shaped head is perfect for massaging the neck, both sides of the spine and the Achilles tendons. The round head allows for effective massage of the back, thighs, calves and other large muscle groups. The flat head with air cushion is suitable for sensitive muscle groups with low pain tolerance. It provides gentle massage and the relaxation you desire. Now you can feel like in a SPA salon at home!

Long working time

Say goodbye to tangled cables. The Yunmai Mini cordless massager will give you the freedom of movement you dream of. The device is equipped with a durable battery with a capacity of 2600mAh. Assuming you use it every day for about 10 minutes, it will last you up to 66 days on a single charge! The massager has a built-in USB-C port, which allows you to charge it in about 1.5 hours. What's more, the device will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of use. This way, you don't have to worry that it will discharge too quickly or that a prolonged massage will cause muscle injury.

Designed for your comfort

The massager is made of sturdy aluminum alloy, which makes it very durable, yet light - weighing only 430g. It fits perfectly in your hand and is small enough to accompany you almost anywhere. Transport and store it easily in the included carrying case. The device works surprisingly quietly - its noise level is only about 35dB. The massager is also equipped with a special adjustable strap, which you can use to hang it on your wrist, for example.


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