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14.590 Ft

Allpowers hordozható napelemes töltő 21W

Elérhetőség: Szállítási idő 3-6nap
Gyártó: Allpowers

ALLPOWERS - Márka - TokTokok - Webáruház

Allpowers hordozható 21 W -os napelemes töltő

A hordozható napelemes töltő egyedülálló eszköz a haladó utazók számára.

További energiaforrást biztosít az igényes helyzetekben, és felejthetetlen élményeket eredményez.

A napsugarakból nyert energia gyors visszatérést biztosít a mobil kommunikációhoz.

Az összecsukható kialakítás az utazás különböző szakaszaihoz igazodik.

A napelemek sikeresen hasznosak lehetnek kimerítő túrák, táborozások, mászások, de munka közben is.

Szállítási díj: 1.190 Ft
14.590 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek

Allpowers 21W Portable Solar Charger

The Portable Solar Charger is a unique device designed for the advanced traveler. It provides an additional power source in demanding situations and results in unforgettable experiences. The energy extracted from the sun's rays offers a quick return to mobile communication. Foldable design is adapted to various stages of travel. Solar panels will successfully come in handy as an aid in exhausting hikes, camping, climbing, but also while doing work.

Recognized effectiveness

The device's clever design is a huge plus for slightly more demanding hikers who prioritize practice and convenience in one. The solar charger does not weigh down on longer trips, nor does it complicate attachment or transport. Additional hooks make it easy to properly clip the equipment to your travel bag. The panel housing is waterproof and durable enough to accompany you during adverse weather conditions. The dimensions of the equipment do not exceed the size of a B5 sheet, which further illustrates its neatness.

Performance and durability

Innovative charging technology automatically adjusts the voltage, allowing you to charge your phone or tablet as quickly and harmlessly as possible. The dual USB input with up to 2.4A allows you to connect two devices simultaneously. This option is especially useful in emergency situations, while traveling or at work. Sunpower solar cells are effective and efficient, as indicated by the high conversion rate of 22-25%.


Wide compatibility

The product automatically detects your devices and provides them with the appropriate current, thus speeding up the charging process. You will certainly use it not only to power smartphones, tablets, powerbanks, but also other equipment with a 5V USB port. The intelligent output is based on advanced circuit technology. The Allpowers solar charger will work great in many situations, offering a range of needed uses.

Ready to go

extraordinary durability has been confirmed through multiple CE, FCC and RoHS certifications. The device meets environmental requirements in every way and has systems in place to protect against damage from gentle bumps, drops or dirt. It is also resistant to light rain. The high degree of durability will greatly extend the life and quality of performance.

Manufacturer Allpowers
Model AP-SP5V21W
Max. power 21W
Solar energy conversion factor 22-25%
Output 5V2.4A (Max.) x2
Dimensions after folding 300 x 160 x 20 mm
Dimensions when unfolded 640 x 300 x 10 mm
Weight 600g


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