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Szállítási díj 990Ft-tól, INGYENES SZÁLLÍTÁS 100.000 Ft felett
6.290 Ft

Romoss Ares 20 powerbank, 20000mAh, fekete

Elérhetőség: Szállítási idő 3-6nap
Gyártó: Romoss

Romoss Ares 20 Powerbank

A Romoss Powerbank Ares 20 kompakt mérete és akár 20 000 mAh kapacitása is megkülönböztethető.

3 bemeneti porttal (micro USB, USB-C és Lightning) és 2 USB kimeneti porttal rendelkezik.

Gyors töltést biztosít 2.1A-rel.

Beépített LED kijelzővel rendelkezik és biztosítja a biztonságos használatot.

Széleskörű kompatibilitásával is kitűnik.

Könnyű és praktikus – akár repülőre is viheti.

Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
6.290 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek


Large capacity

Despite its small size, the powerbank offers impressive capabilities. It is equipped with a high-end lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 20 000mAh. This means that with its help you can charge your iPhone 8 about 8 times, Huawei P10 or Oppo R11s about 4.3 times, and Vivo X9 about 4.5 times.

Built-in display

You no longer have to wonder how much energy is left in your powerbank. The Ares 20 has a small built-in LED screen that displays the percentage of battery charge. With just a glance, you'll know if the device will still serve you or if you'd better plug it in for charging.

Can accompany you almost anywhere

The powerbank meets aviation standards, so you can easily take it on a plane. The device is extremely light, handy and compact - you can easily fit it in your bag, backpack or even pocket. Its rounded edges and pleasant to the touch surface make it comfortable to use. The product is also resistant to scratches and wear.

Safety of use

Don't worry about the safety of the powerbank and the devices connected to it. Ares 20 is effectively protected against overcharging, overcurrent, short circuit, electromagnetic field and temperature effects, among others. So you can safely charge your smartphones or tablets in almost any situation.

Charge up to 2 devices simultaneously

The powerbank is equipped with 2 USB output ports - 5V 1A and 5V 2.1A. So you can charge 2 devices at the same time - for example, a tablet and a phone. You don't have to wait for one device to be charged before you plug in another! In addition, one of the ports supports fast charging of 2.1A, so your smartphone or iPad can be ready to use in no time!

3 input ports

Charging the powerbank is very convenient and does not take too long. Ares 20 is equipped with 3 input ports - micro USB, Lightning and USB-C. This allows you to connect it to the charger with any cable you use every day - for example, from your phone. No need to always have an extra cable on hand!

Universal compatibility

No matter what devices you use - with the Ares 20 powerbank you can charge them without any problem. The product uses intelligent Fitcharge technology, thanks to which it is compatible with the majority of popular smartphones and tablets available on the market, such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi.

In the box

  • Powerbank
  • User Manual
Brand Romoss
Name Ares 20 powerbank
Model PAS20
Capacity 20,000mAh (74Wh)
Rated capacity 12,500mAh (5V / 2.1A)
Weight 430g
Dimensions 14.6x69.8x29.6mm
Input 5V-2.1A (Lightning / Micro USB / USB-C)
Output 5V-2.1A / 5V-1A / 2.1A
Color Black


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