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Szállítási díj 850Ft-tól, INGYENES SZÁLLÍTÁS 100.000 Ft felett, Minimum szállítás 1500.-tól
258.200 Ft

Roidmi EVA robotporszívó

Elérhetőség: Szállítási idő 3-6nap
Gyártó: Roidmi

Roidmi EVA tisztító robot

A Roidmi EVA tisztítórobot gondoskodik a rendről, miközben Ön ellazul egy fárasztó nap után.

A készülék porszívóz, seper és felmosol, mi több, magától visszatér az alapra, ahol automatikusan kiüríti a portartályt és megtisztítja a felmosó párnákat.

A 3200 Pa-os szívónyomással a készülék felszívja az összes szennyeződést, míg a felmosópárnák 180 fordulat/perc fordulatszámon és 12 N nyomáson dolgoznak, hatékonyan eltávolítva a legmakacsabb foltokat is.

A tágas táska akár 60 napig gyűjti a port, a kényelmes működést pedig egy alkalmazás, valamint az Amazon Alexa és a Google Assistant kompatibilitása teszi lehetővé.

Szállítási díj: Ingyenes
258.200 Ft
Kívánságlistára teszem

Leírás és Paraméterek

Vacuums, sweeps, mops

Bet on one device to effectively vacuum, sweep and mop. The Roidmi EVA uses 3,200 Pa of suction pressure to pick up dust, crumbs and other debris from floor surfaces and narrow crevices. What's more, the device also features 4-inch mopping pads that work at 180 rpm and 12 N pressure to get rid of even stubborn, dried stains.

Intelligent floor cleaning

The mopping pads used by EVA have gray polyester fibers that effectively remove stubborn stains, as well as a white, soft fabric for floor care. They are antibacterial and mold-resistant, plus the robot can automatically return to the station for effective cleaning. Also noteworthy is the large water container that separates clean and dirty water, so the mopped surface is spotlessly clean.

Capacious dust bag

The Roidmi EVA cleaning robot not only mops, but also effectively collects dust, small debris, hair or hair. The 3 L bag in the station allows it to collect waste for up to 60 days, so you don't have to replace it too often. With its antibacterial formula, the bag kills 99.9% of bacteria and leaves no odor. The robot itself has a 220 ml dust tank.

Practical display

The device is equipped with an easy-to-read LED display that will give you quick and convenient access to information about the robot's operation. A flashing indicator will let you know if the dust bag is full, the dirty water tank is full or the clean water tank is empty. You'll also check the battery charge status on the screen, among other things.

Simple operation

Control the robot's operation without moving from the couch. The device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so simple voice commands are enough to start the device, stop its operation or direct it to the docking station. There is also a special app at your disposal, which allows you to, among other things, create schedules or adjust the cleaning mode for each room.

It will overcome all obstacles

The Roidmi EVA cleaning robot intelligently detects obstacles that are in its path, so it can effectively avoid them and avoid collisions with other objects. EVA also uses the LDS laser, which helps prevent it from getting stuck under beds, closets and other low spaces. The robot will also easily negotiate thresholds and other obstacles up to 20 mm high, and will perfectly clean areas along walls. OTA updates are also a plus.

Powerful battery

The EVA is equipped with a powerful 5200 mAh battery, so it provides a long operating time - it can run for up to 74 - 228 minutes on a single charge, which will allow it to clean a large area without any trouble. It will take about 250 minutes to renew its energy, and after that time you can enjoy its capabilities again.


  • Cleaning robot with 2 mopping pads
  • Automatic emptying station x1
  • Dust bag x5
  • Cleaning brush x1
  • Mopping pads x2
  • Side brush x1
  • Filter x1
  • Power cord x1
Manufacturer Roidmi
Name Roidmi EVA cleaning robot
Model EVA
Color White
Dimensions of the robot 330 x 330 x 106 mm
Connection WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
Working voltage of the robot 14.8 V
Rated power of the robot 48 W
Battery operating time 74 - 228 min
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Dust container capacity (robot) 220 ml
Capacity of dust bag (station) 3 L
Capacity of clean water tank (station) 4 L
Capacity of dirty water tank (station) 4 L
Dimensions of the station 400 x 382 x 465 mm
Input voltage of the station 220-240 V~, 50-60 Hz
Output voltage of the station 24V 1.2A


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