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Furygan Fury AIR BAG System

Katt rá a felnagyításhoz
További képek
149.900 Ft
Elérhetőség: Raktáron

Introduce airbag technology under your motocycle jacket with the Fury Air Bag System

proven high-performance and easy-to-use technology,

inserted into a connectable vest developed by Furygan;

maximising protection anddelivering unparalleled comfort.


elérhető: S - 3XL
Méretquestion_mark : M

Leírás és Paraméterek


- Large coverage area: neck, back, chest and abdomen.

- Muscle support to limit organ movement during a crash.

- Optimised inflating speed and high-performance electronics.

- 1621-2 CE approved back protector for back protection in every circumstance.


- 37.5® technology which captures and releases moisture vapor on the side of the body and allows a perfect fit thanks to its elasticity.

- 3D Mesh technology that creates air circulation and thermal insulation allowing a constant temperature inside the vest, whatever the temperature outside.


- Specially designed to be perfectly integrated into our compatible products, the connected vest is comfortable to wear, invisible from the outside and adapts to every body shape.

- Easy to use - thanks to the connecting zips, it will take less than 15 seconds to equip your jacket, and thanks to the removable In&box, you can remove the electronics in a blink of an eye to charge.

- Control the dashboard of your vest (autonomy, updates, inflator connection check and much more...) thanks to the «My In&box» mobile app.

- Advanced battery-life: 25 hours of riding.

- Inflator easily replacable in a few minutes by the user.

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